Problems sending mail to yahoo?

Barry Shein wrote:
> Is it just us or are there general problems with sending email to
> yahoo in the past few weeks? Our queues to them are backed up though
> they drain slowly.
> They frequently return:
> 421 4.7.0 [TS01] Messages from MAILSERVERIP temporarily deferred due to user complaints -; see
> (where MAILSERVERIP is one of our mail server ip addresses)
> Just wondering if this was a widespread problem or are we just so
> blessed, and any insights into what's going on over there.

I see this a lot also and what I see causing it is accounts on my servers
that don't opt for spam filtering and they have their accounts here set to
forward mail to their accounts - spam and everything then gets
sent there - they complain to about the spam and bingo - email
delays from here to accounts....

We had this happen when a user forwarded a non-filtered mail stream from
here to Yahoo. The user indicated that no messages were reported to Yahoo
as spam, despite the fact that it's certain some of them were spam.

I wouldn't trust the error message completely. It seems likely that a jump
in volume may trigger this too, especially of an unfiltered stream.

... JG