Problems @ Exodus?


Thanks for the snide tone of your reply. It was just what I was looking

Or...I was attempting to discover if I was the only one seeing these
problems, which does sometimes happen inside of Cisco's firewall(s). With
all of the energy (and bandwidth) that has been devoted to sending replies
like yours, it's no wonder the on-topic subject seems to come up more often
than not. nanog is an operational list, so I attempted to locate a source
of information for something that was not operating. I was indeed
attempting to use it for something other than spam hate-mail, flaming, and
the occasional bout of an inflated ego (or two).

Also, I'm not all that interested in what you find "interesting" or not, in
fact, I am surprised you bothered to respond at all, given your profound
lack of interest and all...

And yes, I sent an email to Rob. The Exodus NOC is not all that...well, you