Problems connecting to Web-sites hosted by XO/Concentric


Some of our customers (BKK Fiber is an ISP) are having problems connecting to Web-services (TCP port 80) hosted by XO/Concentric. tcpdump shows that no packets are returned. Ping and connection to the SMTP-service (TCP port 25) on the Webserver hosts are fine. The problem seem to be limited to customers within a certain /17 allocated to us.

I have tried Customer Care to no help.

Has anybody else experienced the same with XO/Conecentric? Does anybody have contact information to Concentric operations?

Kind Regards,

Knut A. Syed
Senior Network Engineer

BKK Fiber AS | Postboks 7050, 5020 Bergen | T: +47 55 12 75 53 | M: +47 916 39 767 |<>