problem at mae-west tonight?

We experienced the same thing with Netcom. Currently we are peered with over
40 netwroks through the RS, but I have only had this problem with Netcom.

Is it really a next-hop problem or a Netcom internal problem? Last time
this happened, about 2 weeks ago, they cleared their RA session and did
some other things and everything came up fine. I did not get details from
the routing folks over there.

I don't quite see how and where the layer 2 topology comes into play here.
Netcom should simply be seeing routes (through the RS) that state your MW
IP address and the routes advertised from it. Is there some reason that your MW
IP would be unreachable by Netcom? I am confused as to why this would ever
happen in the MW scenario. Now the PB-NAP is a different story with the
non-fully meshed scenario.

Please explain what you mean Matt.

Exodus Communications Inc.