Probes from root servers

One of our IP addresses is being probed by up to 8 of the 13 root dns servers every 15 seconds. I'm looking for input on how to contact the admins for the servers or perhaps a way to figure out if perhaps someone is spoofing the affected customer IP address, causing the root servers to send the following:

sh mls netflow ip destination /32 module 2
Displaying Netflow entries in module 2
DstIP SrcIP Prot:SrcPort:DstPort Src i/f :AdjPtr

Hi Krishna,

You may want to make sure a second set of eyes confirms that these are
not real responses to real queries from If you're certain
there are no outgoing queries that solicit these messages, how about
getting a peek inside those packets? If you can do that, you should
be able to get a better idea of what may be happening.

It is somewhat peculiar that the destination port is 1039 in the 3
flow records you've shown and that you're only seeing packets from 8 of
the 13 root addresses. Its a clue, but inconclusive. It seems like it
might be legitimate traffic from a resolver that is not doing source
port randomization. Being that its only every 15 seconds that would seem
too slow for an attack against, poisoning or otherwise.
Could be backscatter. I can't speak for the root ops, but I think they
would prefer you perform a bit more investigation if you can.


i feel confident that you have received one or more private replies, but since
  this is a recurent complaint, it may be worth the post.

  Root nameservers do not gratuitously send traffic. They respond to queries
  they receive. based on the information above, has sent a query
  to the roots and they are responding as they should.

  if this is unwanted/undesired, you need to look at the source of the query,
  not the site responding to the request for information. the root server ops
  will have no way to evaluate if the packets they receive are spoofed.

  one way to contact the root server operators is via email: