Probe dns service - anycast network

We are thinking of deploying anycast in our network for dns servers.
I have the following scenario:
- 10 server DNS (isc-bind) , linux and zebra for propagating ospf ip anycast.

Are there someone who has developed a "solid scripts (perl/c/ecc..)"
that is used to probe a dns service (udp/tcp port 53) and in case of
failure (or max lookup query time problem) automatic shutdown ospf
annunce or remove a server from a anycast network?

Best regards
Antony Findanno

This doesn't quite answer your question, but there's a wrapper script here:

which kind of does what you're asking. It relies on BIND 9 dumping core upon experiencing an assertion failure (or any kind of failure which is likely to cause it to fail). BIND 9 is quite good at dumping core when it gets confused (by design, in case anybody thinks I'm being sarcastic).

You could always augment that with a crob job which does some digs, and creates ${stop_file} and kills named in the event that the digs fail. Testing remotely may also be a good idea. There are allusions made in:

to some of the monitoring and measurement issues surrounding anycast service deployments. In any case, there are many ways to skin this cat.