Pricing of Internet Addresses and Routing Announcements

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Back at the Montreal IETF, there was a BOF with the above title that
generated significant "discussion". At the time, there seemed to be
interest in discussing an experiment to see what would happen if the
current restriction imposed by the registries that attempts to
prohibit transfer of addresses between organizations were to be
removed. APNIC offered to host a mailing list/archive for discussions
aimed at coming up with a proposal for such an experiment and that
mailing list is open for business (actually, has been for a while but
was never announced for political and/or other reasons).

Because I feel this topic is of value to the operational community
(and maybe because I think the current registry restriction is insane :-)),
I am announcing the mailing list being open even though I'm not one of
the chairs of the maybe-someday-if-it-is-acceptible-and-the-lawyers-

My apologies if this is felt to be in bad taste or whatever.

In any event, the mailing list info:

To subscribe: body of "subscribe" to
To comment: body of useful flameless content to
To unsubscribe: body of "unsubscribe" to

The list is managed by majordomo, standard stuff applies. Let me
know if you run into problems.