Pricing for Comcast Connectivity


Does anyone have sample pricing for Comcast's Paid Peering ( service they'd be able to share?

Also, are there any transit ISPs to avoid when reaching Comcast? I remember discussion last winter about Tata being congested, and would like to understand how common these issues are. I'm preparing to launch a large video broadcast for the state, so any advice would be appreciated.

Thank you,
Oscar Caraig

I think all pricing is under NDA for the direct connectivity... we have it, and I know it is under NDA for us...

Comcast is in the becoming a tier1 game in a big way so avoiding people who don't already peer with the is probably a plus if you want great connectivity to them. The AS paths I would avoid are _3356_7922_ (usually fine, but subject to the fight de jour between level3 and Comcast) and anything on _6453_7911_ (subject to being saturated all the time). Last I checked AS2914 and a few others still only see Comcast via 6453 which made that sub-optimal.

I can send you a AS7922 sales contact if you need it, just hit me up off list... they also have a good list of info on peeringdb for people to contact.


John van Oppen
Spectrum Networks AS 11404

Hi Oscar,

John is right about the NDA. Feel free to reach out to Steve Lacoff,
as noted at

Volume, location, term, etc. are all factors to consider. Steve will
be at NANOG if you, or others have questions.

Cheers, -ren

Yes, definitely NDA in any of our dealings... I'd say the pricing was
"competitive" for sure...