PRESENTERS, please upload your stuff


You'll find a gzip'd tar file named ans-atm-nap-testing.tar.gz. If
you gunzip it (I assume you have the GNU gzip and friends) and untar
it you get two directories, nanog-oct-1994 and nanog-feb-1995. From
your notes, you can reference the file nanog-feb-1995/index.html.

If you prefer to keep this stuff local, you are welcome to do so.
Otherwise, just reference our temporary server. If you keep the
stuff local, please change the following:

  in the file nanog-feb-1995/atm-nap-progress.html:
    <a href=""> </a>

These are printed references to the full URLs and would need to be

It's up to you whether you want to keep this local. I think ANS will
be providing a NOC supported HTTP server for engineering stuff (so we
don't have to engage the marketroids to get something on it like the
current, so you might want to just keep the reference and
change it when we move the stuff rather than keep a local copy. I'll
leave the choice up to you, so here it is if you want it local.