PRDB Retirement next Monday, May 8

My understanding of the situation for Europe is (and I'm sure Merit or ANS
or somebody else will correct me if I'm wrong):

- Currently we (Europe) have to register in the RIPE DB and send NACRs

- As of next monday...
  ... we won't need to send NACRs any more. (nor something to the RADB)
  ... Merit will mirror the RIPE DB into the RADB, so that the RADB
      contains the RIPE data as well. This will be done on a, say, daily
      basis. (that was the assumption, right?)
  ... ANS (and others) access the RADB, which contains all information

- At a later stage the whole system should be fully distributed, as
  discussed several times.

Now, the one possible problem I can think of is that Merit is not able to
do the mirroring until next Monday. In that case we (Europe) would have to
send the route objects to the two DBes (RIPE and RADB) for a certain time
to be defined. This would be not optimal, but it would work. Still I very
much hope that we don't have to go for this.