PRDB Retirement next Monday, May 8


does this mean that after May 8th European operators will have to submit
route objects to the RADB even though they have registered route objects
in the RIPE RR? If yes, how do we proceed to eliminate the need for this
double registration requirement?

Let me give you the ANS perspective on this one:

We hope to take RIPE RR registrations as authoritative for European
operators, eliminating need for redundant registrations. This just
seems to make sense, assuming that the RIPE registry is at least
as valid a place from which to pull European route objects as the
RADB. Almost certainly we will not be able to flash cut this on
5/8 (one thing at a time), but it's definitely part of the process.

We'll do this by sucking routes out of, but that should
include the "latest" info mirrored with source:RIPE as I understand