PPP over Ethernet?

Anyone ever heard anything about PPP over Ethernet? Is there an
encapsulation standard for it?


Anyone ever heard anything about PPP over Ethernet? Is there an
encapsulation standard for it?

There have been other replies already, but I thought I would start afresh.

PPP is meant for point to point (serial) links, and is "optimised" (I am
being generous) for those links. There is no reason that you should not be
able to run PPP or even SLIP between two endpoints over Ethernet - it is
just that very few people do it. A number of vendors support PPP on a TCP
port so that you can transparently forward a modem session over a network to
a terminal server. Personal experience shows that the Ascend MAX4000 does
this well.

Otherwise, it depends what you want to do. If you want to move PDUs across
an IP network in a transparent fashion, you have L2TP (IETF), L2F (Cisco),
PPTP (M$/Ascend) or ATMP (Ascend) for VPN solutions.

IPSec might work - havn't read the vpn.8 manual page on OpenBSD recently,
but last time I tried I did not have enough experience or information to
make it work.

Let me know the application in private (or public - I don't mind but readers
of NANOG might) e-mail and I will cogitate.


PPP/Ethernet protocol work is proceeding in some standards group
   or another; sorry I cannot name which, I can't seem to find any
   drafts in ietf world (http://www.ietf.org/html.charters/pppext-charter.html)

   Most of the general gist of PPP / Ethernet is to provide a
   cogent method of aggregating ethernet devices over DSL.

   For example, you may want to have a DSL router that gateways a
   common LAN to a DSL line.

   This DSL line goes into an L2 cloud; ie atm.

   This atm cloud has routers which aggregate DSL subscribers.

   So, you end up w/ something like this:

   many users <--dsl--><--atm-->router

   This allows you a unicast pipe between one ethernet mac-address
   and a management point on the router, like a PVC or subinterface.

   This is deemed useful for ADSL customer aggregation over many
   heterogeneous environments, ie, bridged ethernet, etc.

   Among other vendors, Redback Networks is doing some keen work in
   this ara.


Thus spake Zachary DeAquila (zachary@zachs.place.org)
on or about Wed, Jun 03, 1998 at 05:59:07PM -0500:

This is an alternative to the use of L2TP being tossed about in the ADSL
Forum (www.adslforum.com).


It's actually http://www.adsl.com/adsl_forum.com