PowerSwitch S4100 (S4148-ON) chipset

Hello all,

I’ve been googling around trying to figure out which Broadcom silicon is in the S4148-ON.

I haven’t really been able to make much of a determination.

Does anyone know which chipset this is? Trident 1? Trident 2? Trident 3?

Thanks so much if anyone has already figured this out.



Seems to be BCM Maverick which is pretty close to a Trident2+ iirc…

With OS10 you should be able to see it with:

system “sudo hshell -c ‘show unit 0’”

i.e., from a S4128F-ON:
PLAT-SW-A-1# system “sudo hshell -c ‘show unit 0’”

Unit 0 chip BCM56762_B0 (current)
driver BCM56560_B0 (apache)

(should be Trident 2+)


Dell S4148 is based on Broadcom Maverick. S4048 is Trident2 (4048-T is Trident2+) and S5248 is Trident3.

What is the Broadcom Maverick chipset primarily used or designed for?
This seems like a not commonly used chip to me.

It’s a lower bandwidth Trident2+ with some different I/O options iirc. Same featureset, but a mix of 10G and 25G serdes, targeted at like 48x10g+4x100G boxes.

I think that Dell is one of the few vendors using it AFAIK?

My understanding same class as T2+, with lower cost, but there are some

I thought this was a good explanation:

That was my understanding of Maverick... For some reason there's
something in my head that said Extreme had one. Was it the X450-G2?

Also, worth keeping the Cumulus HCL handy for the older BRCM chipset
references. :slight_smile:

(Filter by ASIC, et voila.)