Power loss in downtown manhattan


60 Hudson seems to be affected.



We appear to have lost power on 23 Tel-x and/or 19th fibernet.

FiberNet lost power but came back up (our gear restarted by power on) @
approx 13:30 EST


Correct me if I'm wrong, but... not if you have a generator.

We have customers down between from 10th Street to Charlton Street that I know of at this time. The entire area of about 12 blocks is without power. None of our core equipment at our 32 Old Slip POP is down, just customer sites.


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Martin Hannigan wrote (on Jul 20):

Correct me if I'm wrong, but... not if you have a generator.

Much/most of 60 Hudson doesn't have this luxury, however.

But everyone knows this and builds their network around the fact,


The ConEd East River power outage had a short term impact on the
world-wide Internet. It created a nice route flap, but things returned
to "normal" (as normal as the Internet gets) quickly. Things will get
more interesting when batteries starting running out in 8-12 hours.

Power seems to have been restored as of about 5 minutes ago.


Sean Donelan wrote (on Jul 20):

Except, for reasons which I am sure will be hidden, non-disclosed, and
lied about, many places were without power.

Yeap. 25 Bway was unaffected, as well.

Richard Newcomb wrote (on Jul 21):

I think there must be a fiber issues. A transformer blew and several others
burned. We have no connectivity. And as you stated, 60 Hubson does not
need ConEd to run.

You forget that "60 Hudson" doesnt' have a generator. It's a collection
of privately-leased spaces each of which is individually responsible for its
power needs. If you wanna generator, you need to rent space for it
(I believe there's no space on the roof anymore, so that means in the
stret), need to get landlord wayleave for cabling to it (duct space ain't
cheap, specially if you're on the higher floors) and get permits for noise,
fuel storage and so on. It ain't thrown in, and adds up to something
prohibitive in many cases in that particular building.

Digex, ergo Intermedia, ergo whoever it is today on the 23rd floor
managed to smuggle up a generator and install it within their suite.
I don't know if the landlord knows yet :slight_smile: It's one of 60 Hudson's worst
kept secrets (or it was a few years ago, at any rate)

It begs the question why quite so much depends on that site.


Got the same message from Genuity - but 6 hours later they seem to
have lost power again and some of their router have shutdown due to
overheating (HVAC doesn't seem to run on emergency power)

Our link to them is still up, but we only recieve 351 prefix's,
so effectively their 60 Hudson POP (aka nycmny) is isolated