Potentially dangerous Pentium bug discovered

There tends to be a lot of the following sort of stuff that floats
around unattributed, like the email viruses, and such.

The following is documented, attributed, and _is_ something you should
worry about. Please forward this message around your usual
distribution lists. If you work at a company with lots of computers,
you're invited to print this up and give it to the people who manage
them for you.

(If you have lots of computers at your company, and _no one_ to manage
them for you, I'm looking for a new gig; have someone call me. :slight_smile:

Does anybody know if this affects the Cyrix and AMD "Pentium
Clone" chips?

I don't know that any tests have been announced yet, but I wouldn't
expect 1) for it to take long or 2) a positive result.

(IE: I think the other chips are probably not broken.)

-- jra

My K5/133 laughed at the code, returning "Illegal instruction."