Posting from freebie E-mail Accounts

I am proposing that the NANOG administration drop everything
from commonly used webmail providers,

I oppose this proposal.

There are very legitimate (and legal) reasons why people may want to
post to an operational list, using an address that can not tie them to
the location or business that they are posting from.

This list does not see much spam (or at least I don't). That said, let
the list maintainers decide.

I would much prefer if EVERYBODY used freebie email accounts as opposed to
their corporate ones, as this would make it more likely that they would
quote "correctly" and we would get less silly legal disclaimers and out of
office messages.

Personally, I don't give a fsck about corporate tags and/or legal
notifications. My girl is a Federally certified Health and Safety Officer
and works within the Nuclear industry. Each email she sends me that
crosses her corporate Domino server contains about eight lines of
non-72-width crap which usually translates into twice the length of the
actual message.

Although she _can_ use my personal (or external, ie. freebie) email
services to relay out email from within her company, it likely isn't
something that she should be doing (although their internal IT policy
doesn't outright prohibit it...yet, or else I'd be the first to scream at

The disclaimers, although annoying, to me are acceptable. Some enterprise
have strict guidelines on email/communication use. I would sooner see the
disclaimers as opposed to not have those valuable people not post at all.

I don't use my work account for any mailing lists because it's totally
useless for that purpose. I also will participate in these mailing lists
regardless of my employer, thus I never understood why someone would want
to post from their corporate accounts.

I feel that in many cases that there are very good reasons for posting
from such. Aside from the fact that some people post to ops/eng/rir/tech
etc lists from their corporate email address because of internal policy,
in many cases, I'd think that it makes sense that many postings to lists
are for work purposes directly. Almost all of mine are. Whether I send
from (my work email addr), or shouldn't matter.

I recognize your name Mikael, not your email address.

Regardless, disclaimers and legal fluff are easily discarded when replying :wink: