Portability of 206 address space


Anyone know whether Internic has issued an edict mandating
non-portability of provider obtained 206 address space, such
as /18's within this block?


  Please clarify "portable" as used in this context.

  - Routable between different providers
  - Transferable intoto between ISPs
  - Transferable subsets
  - Some other meaning

  No delegation registry can claim any prefix portability if
  the first option is the meaning. The second has applicability
  to various proposals for a prefix market once a delegation
  has been made. (no Internic involvment) The third is strictly
  between ISPs and thier clients and has a lot to do with
  prefix migration (nee punching holes in CIDR blocks) and nothing
  to do with the Internic. And then there is your possible
  other meaning...

  For the first three, the Internic has zero sane reason for
  issuing any "edict" wrt portability. That is strictly an
  ISP issue. The fourth... ??? :slight_smile: