Port 80 Issues

Thanks Todd,

It looks like AT&T is having an issue with one of their core routers in St.
Louis and it is affecting a large number of their optical customers. About
44% of our packets > 516 bytes (that varies from 500 up to 1200) are being
dropped. No ETR from the AT&T NOC.

AT&T has resolved the issue with their router in St. Louis. Thanks to those
who responded off-list, your information was a large help. Apologies to
those of you who were apparently offended by the vagueness of my initial
query, I was fishing for any information I could find at the time.

Best Regards,


Would this also explain the problem reports I was getting from users of
cable modems in St. Louis last night around Midnight local time? They
were having trouble reaching several well known web sites for several