POP3 server3 on NT server 4 .0

Can someone suggest a few good POP3 mail servers on Microsoft
NT server Version 4 ? Either freeware or commercial products
are fine. Thanks a lot.


Sung S. Tien

Sendmail w/pop3 from metainfo.com


Metainfo's NT port of Sendmail is funky. (www.metainfo.com)

Of course, a robust NT port of qmail would be nicer... :slight_smile:


Wouldn't that qualify as a big resource-hogging security hole
running on top of another big resource-hogging security hole? :slight_smile:

Of course it would. :slight_smile:

I was just trying to suggest a product of value, within his constraints.
If I were in his footsteps, and if at all practical, I would assemble a
Linux or BSD box and install qmail.


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