[policy] When Tech Meets Policy...

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More than ~85% of all spam is being generated by spambots.

yes, that relates to my question how though? I asked: "Do spammers monitor
the domain system in order to spam from the domains in flux as tastinng
domains?" I asked this specifically because that behavior was being used
as a 'resaon to stop tasting', or to clamp down on it atleast.

The answer to your question is "Yes, sometimes."

But that's not the explicit reasoning behind the motivations
behind tasting.

Conflating the 3 (or parts of the 2 sets) is
just as wrong as saying that 'tasting lets the terrorists win'.

Completely agree, and would not want to paint this problem in
that light.

Again, this problem is multi-fold: bad actors gaming the system for
illicit (and illegal) purposes.

- - ferg