Policy Statement on Address Space Allocations

>> How do Pipex and Dante get global routes right now?
>Oh.. from a whole bunch of different places.
> ANS customer routes from ANS
> MCI customer routes from MCI
> SprintLink customer routes from Sprint
> Alternet customer routes from Alternet
> AUNET routes from EUNET
> ...
>You get the idea.

How do they get to Barrnet? SURAnet? Etc?

Suranet is at MeaEast. Barrnet is presently an MCI transit customer.

There are already geographically limited large providers,
they just aren't well aggregated. The transit problems have
been dealt with before and will be dealt with again.

Yes and if every geographically limited provider contracted the same
transit provider your proposal would have no holes in it, but they