Policy Statement on Address Space Allocations


>How about a policy which says that if you fail to pay an annual amount
>by a due date then a process is commenced with an outcome such that
>your registration details expire and the associated number space is no
>longer registered to you.
I have a concern about tying any kind of fee to address allocations. If we
do that, we are essentially leasing addresses and we have no way to deal
with address speculation.
There is no way we could prevent arbitrage, scalping, speculation and
hoarding, no matter how high the fees are set.

And these things don't happen now? :slight_smile:

Seriously, however...

I covered much of this area in 1744, and the brief summary is that
_combined with other administrative policies_ periodic charges for the
registration of address space is a sensible administrative measure
which will increase the value and usefulness of the IP V4 address
space and increase the useful timespan of cost effective operation of
the IPV4 Internet network and that you can bound the level of
scalping and speculation based on the registeries presence in the
trading market as a price point determinator.

I also tried to point out in 1744 the likely scenario if addresses
continue to be allocated without charge, and, oddly enough, the most
likely result is "arbitrage, scalping, speculation and hoarding"
WITHOUT any price point determinator, which leads inevitably to
UNBOUNDED arbitrage, scalping, etc!