Policy Statement on Address Space Allocations

> There were a couple of methods suggested here:
> preemptive hijacking -
> voluntary return -
> periodic fees -
> Hijacking has a number of interesting problems


There is no need to call it hijacking.

If an organization registered an address they are responsible for
keeping the contact name up to date.

   The kicker is, where are they keeping the data?
  InterNIC ?

  The problem is compounded with the InterNIC and the DDNnic
  keeping authoritative data over the same space. Can you say
  "SRI connected/unconnected database problems"... sure you can.

This should help with the 60% that can't be contacted. Yes - I know
this is work, so don't take this as a complaint that you are doing
something you should be, just a suggestion for dealing with this

  In fact, that is exactly why a robot mailer is not a cureall.
  The process followed is close to yoru description. Hence a
  slower pace of progress than many would like. This swamp is