Policy Statement on Address Space Allocations


There is no need to call it hijacking.

If an organization registered an address they are responsible for
keeping the contact name up to date. If they don't announce the
route, they have not provided a valid contact, and there is no way to
contact them, including publishing a list on major mailing lists, then
it should be safe to recover the address since every reasonable effort
was made to contact them. If a route is not announced, this is a NOOP

If the route is announced, go through the AS path and/or traceroute
asking the provider closest to the route for a contact name. Just
send a "Dear IP Provider" letter stating "This appears to be your
customer but we have no way to contact them. Can you help?". Most
providers have a way of contacting their customers.

This should help with the 60% that can't be contacted. Yes - I know
this is work, so don't take this as a complaint that you are doing
something you should be, just a suggestion for dealing with this