Policy Statement on Address Space Allocations

Scott Huddle writes:

Name a backbone which doesn't come into the San Francisco Bay Area.

Um, all of the rest of the world's providers.

Backbone, Scott. Backbone. You, Sprint, PSI, Alternet,
Net-99, etc. All the rest of the world's providers are getting
transit from some backbone. If all the transit backbones are in the
area the problem is merely political.

This is the area I want to try the idea out in. In terms of physical
touchdowns, they are all in place. The only barrier is getting most
of the backbones to willingly participate in the experiment.

And whats your business case that'll do this?

That the number of routes seen at core routers outside the area can
drop dramatically, which is certainly beneficial for the core routers
in all the backbones I know of...

A very significant chunk of new domains and new ISPs are here,
in the 415/408/510 area code regions (and 707, which is next door
and could be included if we wanted...).

So build it.

There is a reason I'm talking about it here. The people who will have
to agree to join it at the backbone level tend to be here. If I can't
convince them on the mailing list i'm wasting my time elsewhere if I
start to build it.