Policy Statement on Address Space Allocations

> to them. Some automated process watching for things like this and
> sending an advisory email might help quite a bit.

Tony Bates used to do this and send it to the list. Its not as if no
one has thought of this.

To the list? I don't see what good that would do - it should go to the
owner of the addresses and the parties announcing it. This hasn't been

Another factoid to consider - I know of a company that has a Class C that
they don't use. To my knowledge, nobody has ever even asked that
they give it up. Some automated email process could do this without
much effort.

I (and others) have suggested forced aggregation except for routes
that are specifically registered as "don't aggregate". I haven't
seen any movement towards that.

Worse yet, I applied for several class-C's for companies years ago (before
the CIDR stuff really got off the ground) that I _know_ are obsolete, but
the Internic won't let me recycle them. I should have left my name on them
in some way I guess. The problem is, the address listed is obsolete, the
phones disconnected and in one case the contact is dead! So, how is one
supposed to try and recycle in this sort of situation?