Policy Statement on Address Space Allocations

I wrote:

I still think it would be worthwhile doing a top-down experiment with
this sort of address structure around an easily aggregated geographical
area, say the San Francisco Bay Area in northern California. I brought the
idea up about 6 months ago and it floundered due to disinterest, but it
still seems to be viable.

Dave replied:

However, as Andrew w/UUnet pointed out some time ago, you end up providing
transit in this way.
If the goal is to only announce 195/8, any provider numbered in that block
that is dual-homed with this "deviant CIX" and some other provider suddenly
starts providing transit for the entire "deviant CIX".
I highly doubt that this is desirable.

I think that we solved that problem by providing full information for
all of the routes to routers within the area, and none outside.
If you wish to correct me, feel free.