Policy Statement on Address Space Allocations

> No they don't. You can ask the RIPE NCC for special PI space to assign to
> this customer. It seems they have a "chemical waste dump" to satisfy
> this kind of requests from.

Ah. That will be the "chemical waste dump" that Daniel K said
he didn't care about whether it got routed or not (no offence
Daniel - neither do I), and is all but unaggregatable so presumably
Sprintlink et al. won't want to waste their CPUs routing it as well.

Well that's their policy, so it's their problem. As an ISP selling
"global Internet connectivity" I may choose to take that policy into
consideration, but I'm sure most people don't give a damn.

(This is starting to get more and more like FidoNet...)

What hope for a customer with those IP numbers?

The anti-trust laws. :wink: