Policy Statement on Address Space Allocations

I've been following this discussion with great interest.

Let me posit a situation and seek guidance.

Consider a company, perhaps a very, very, small company, which happens to
have a very, very, very popular web site. For the sake of argument, let's
call this company "Netscape," (although this company isn't Netscape, but
this will create the appropriate picture in your mind).

This company needs only a microscopic amount of address space, something on
the order of a /28.

The company wishes to have more than one connection to the Internet through
more than one of the major providers, for bandwidth & reliability reasons.

It sounds to me, based on the discussions which have been occurring, that
this company can't do what they want---unless they lie and somehow gobble
up a /18 worth of address space.

Is this true?


PS: Double-numbering hosts won't work; because of monumentally poor
programming practices on the part of WWW developers, WWW clients do not
discern multiple A records for a given host name.

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