Policy Statement on Address Space Allocations

PS: Here's Sprint's sister company's current announcement of routes
*originating* in its AS as I see them - I do hope Sprint takes the honest
path if it does refuse to carry short announcements and not route all bar
4 of these nets, as well as a similar long list from AS1239 :slight_smile: I'm
not convinced Sprint has the moral highground here....

The routes in the below table do not violate SprintLink's (non)routing
policy, except for one of the specifics which SprintLink would drop. Their
policy, if I remember it correctly, is to filter announcements with:

*Prefixes longer than 24 bits
*Prefixes longer than 19 bits in the range of
*Prefixes longer than 18 bits in the range of through
*Prefixes longer than 16 bits in the range of through
*Prefixes longer than 8 bits in the range of through
except for which will allow prefixes up to 24 bits and and

(I'm not even sure that I'm entirely popular over there. :wink: )

Don't confuse lack of popularity with a tendency to disagree due to having
different sets of problems before us.

However, yes, they are not aggregating as well as they could
be, and are announcing more-specific-routes that are
completely subsumed by aggregates.

Global SprintLink and SprintLink are run by two separate groups. Global SprintLink
(AS4000) is run by a group at Sprint International. It would not be correct to
hold Sean responsible for anything happening on AS4000.

Yes, we have some prefixes that could and should be aggregated and some specifics
that are subsets of aggregates. Thanks for pointing this out. It will be fixed
right away.

Andy Lague