Policy Statement on Address Space Allocations

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Someone summarizes:

Now, I'm sure that every ISP reading this message cares very deeply
for the Internet (as does the InterNIC) and utilizes address space
efficiently, etc. But consider the hundreds of ISPs that don't.

Sorry, but here we go again, back to playing on emotions and guilt.

" .... cares very deeply for the Internet..... "

Just because a start-up ISP desires portable address space and does
not want to be dependent on a up-stream service provider does not
translate to the emotional position....

" .... don't care very deeply for the Internet..... "

The natural direction of a conversation that has sunk to this level
is to degrade to name calling, slander, and high emotional feelings.

PLEASE do not degenerate this conversation to this level. It is
not a "good and evil" "care and don't care" "black and white" issue.
Just because ISPs (whom ever they are and where ever they many live)
disagree with the up-stream, provider based world that the world
has created, their rights, opinions and ideas should be respected.

If there are real 'demons' in the world, it is when issues, ideas,
and opinions are reduced to 'black and white', 'good and bad'
' you are right and she is wrong' oversimplifications that serve
only to mask the real issues.

{ and then ... there are those in the world who enjoy that tact as well }

Take care,