Policy Statement on Address Space Allocations

Did you find a four leaf clover after the snow melted, or find a lucky
horse-shoe in the fields today?

No, but you got the first seven letters right.

What did those in the Dark Middle Ages do when branded
a heretic by the religious zealots ?
Most of them were put to the flame and ridiculed.

Ahh, the good old days.

Nowadays people who think that they deserve the label
religious heretic have to go all out to invite ridicule
upon themselves.

Sad, really. There must be easier ways for people to get
abuse, contempt, and other forms of negative attention, than
spending so much effort trying to make people who are
well-intentioned and generally well-respected look like bad
guys or ignoramuses, while telling us about what books you
happen to be reading, or where you're flying off to next
week, or what your second cousin twice removed had for lunch
yesterday, as if people here are such snobs that they will
think more highly of you if you are reading something by
Vidal or whoever, or are making large amounts of money as a
consultant, or have a diary detailing the history of network
XYZ, or live near Dulles Airport.

Well, maybe some do. Who knows?

But anyway, although I don't think very much of you and your
postings, almost exclusively because of your apparent need
to trump up your own talents by disparaging others', don't
count on me to suggest removing you from any open mailing
lists, publically or privately. Maybe it's my sense of
humour, or a sadistic streak a kilometre wide, but I *enjoy*
seeing people make absolute fools of themselves in public.
And you, you're practically Monty Python's Flying Internet.