Pointer to clearinghouse for NY IT volunteers?

It has been mentioned on this list and others that there is a requirement for volunteers in NYC to help bring things back on line from a network and machine perspective.

I'll put my money where my mouth is and say that I'll be available in NYC on Monday at 06:00. What I have not been able to determine is how I find a company that needs what I can do. Is there a clearinghouse for volunteer IP-networking or UNIX systems staff? The Red Cross seems like an unusual place to go for figuring out what firms need what help... they seem to me to be a place to go to assist people, not companies. I'm not an EMT, a social worker, or a ditch digger, so I'll stick with helping with what I know how to do.

Do any of you who are closer to the question know where a person should report to get an assignment, and what data I should furnish to make the process easier?

Sorry for the almost-non-operational content here - I'm hoping someone can reply to the list with a pointer to a location that will lend some operational content to this recently high noise/low signal discussion.

Otherwise, I'll wear a sign around my neck with my resume on it that says "FREE NETWORKING GEEK" on Monday AM. Yes, I'm serious. :slight_smile:



I'm not hearing much (out here in California), but the few
points I know of are being tracked on:


Currently (2:58am PST, Sept 15) we have:

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     Another Resource/Assistance Coordination page (Telehouse Europe based)
     Wall Street Technology Association coordination page
     NANOG Archives, many offers to assist in NYC and elsewhere


According to www.nysemo.state.ny.us which is the NY state emergency
management center, the number to volunteer your time for
the cause is 800-801-8092. They'll put you in a database with
your name and phone number and expertise, which is available to the
command posts. They particularly want firemen and medical people,
but they seem receptive to everything.

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Please email us anything that you come up with that isn't listed
above. We are working with other resource listers to share info.
Thanks much!


John Todd wrote:

As promised a list of people, organizations, other websites can be found at


Any individual, any group, or any company that can support the relief is
welcome to be listed here. Let us know. If there is any more we can do we
also stand ready.

Thank you.