Plethora of UUnet outages and instabilities

All I know is they suck moose nipples, and I disconnected from them last
week. They have been having problems in/around cr1.nyc1 for MONTHS now, and
they are doing nothing (that I can see) to fix it. Thier first-level
support is horrendous. One guy once said to me, "Routers have
processors?!". Another hung up when I told him to put "CUSTOMER IS IRATE"
on the trouble ticket.

There are some GOOD guys over there, but them seem to be disappearing? (are
you there, Mr. Hannan?)

HELLO, GENUITY (anyone who is looking for a new provider, Genuity is DAMN
good. and a DAMN good NOC. Sales guys are a little whacky, tho).

Oh God, NYC1. Look out for that ugly beast... We are unfortunate enough
to have a connection off of that thing. The NOC is good, if you're up for
entertainment. Let me count the times I've heard "what's traceroute" on
the phone with them. Let me tell you about outages where they "forgot to
take the loopback off the T" for like 6 hours. Or my favorite (once you
hit a high-level brainwashed engineer) the good old "I don't see *any*
packet loss, so everything is OK". "Yes, but I'm seeing ping times of
500ms to your router, and our line isn't near saturation by a long
shot"... "I don't see any packet loss", etc...

blech. I would not recommend them to my worst enemy.


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