Please revisit RealAudio Web page

Some might argue that not allowing two-way communications, especially
with some participants, is a feature :wink:


I'd settle for one-way. I brought in my notebook today planning to use it
to watch nanog...but I'm not getting anywhere. It's running Red Hat, has
the real player 5.0beta2, and works well enough to watch Southpark.

Earlier today when trying to get either live audio or live video, I'd get
an error that the URL was invalid. This afternoon, the URL is valid, real
player loads and displays an appropriate title/author/copyright, but then
nothing. I get occasional packets every 30s or more from

What's the deal?

It was probably associated with all the network problems we had. The
Computers in the lab (regardless of whatever gateway we used) were
constantly up and down on the net. I don't know if they ever traced down
the problem, but it was happening on both t1s far too often. Usually it
was just long enough to make SSH timeout and just frequent enough to make
it almost impossible to get anything done.

But then again, it might have been any number of things...

Joe Shaw -
NetAdmin - Insync Internet Services