Please revisit RealAudio Web page

Yes Scott it is beautiful but there is also a 10 minute propagation
delay, so if you want to ask questions (aha! it's a one-way medium!)
it does not compete with MBONE, alas. :frowning:

A nice idea would be to have MBONE stuff for the live sessions
and then rebroadcasts and archives done via Real Video.


If we are going to continue the experimenting (and I think that we should)
then next meeting we should try using a T.120 compatible whiteboard feed
for the slides in conjunction with a video/audio feed. The slides that I
have seen are illegible at RealVideo resolution and using a video stream
for a series of static images is misapplication of the technology, IMHO.
Far better use of the video would be to show the speaker along with some
shots of the audience from time to time. Some people may object that
showing the speaker and the audience does not communicate any technical
info and they would be right, however if we are primarily concerned with
communicating technical info we would not use video at all, since audio
along with a whiteboard feed would suffice.

As far as I know, MS NetMeeting is the only product that handles H.323
video/audio along with T.120 whiteboarding. Netscape Conference can do
H.323 audio only and CUSeeMe has a conference reflector (MeetingPoint)
that does H.323 video/audio for both CUSeeMe clients and NetMeeting
clients. But maybe someone else knows more about video/audio/whiteboard
interoperability than I?

Most people do their slides on their computers -- why not just
  ask people to supply GIFs, and have 'em on the web before the
  session starts?

  "For those of you playing along at home, this is slide number