please helpconfederation and ibgp question

Hi all

I would like to ask questions aboutconfederation and ibgp

We know confederation from nanog achieve 101,102 and setup lab.
bgp and ibgp can work properly but not sure we are doing right.

We have quesions

1/ for the annoucing networks, do we have to announce it in border routers?
eg: border routers.
but all ibgp routers are already announcing networks individually in
ibgp Routers
eg: Router A:, Router B:, Router C:, Router D:

In our labs, it can work. but we would like to know the setting is
correct. or any announcing overlapping when announcing in broder
Router and all individual ibgp routers

2/ But if it is not right to announce /22 in broder routers, let
Router A,B,C, D announce it in 4 separate networks. ls it ok too?
in the lab, the bgp can work too. but i read the bgp doc that it
prefers us to announce it in /22 instead of 4 seperate one?

3/ in the border routers, we take out some ip from network (eg:, to interconnected
to Router A, B, C and D
We don't know which one is good for use in bgp configuration

redistributed connected

If using network command "network, network" to let communicate between ibgp, there might have
overlapping too as we already announcing in the
border router, there might have


ls the command "redistributed connect" better? but this is border
Router. We concern it will effect the upstream using redistributed

Please help

Thank you so much


I don't mean to sound rude but I think it is time you asked $Employer for routing/switching/best-practices training. It will help you understand what you do and why you do it.
The labs, and NANOG presentations are a good start.