PlayStationNetwork blocking of CGNAT public addresses

Mark Andrews writes:

In message <>, Justin Wilson wri
> PSN is one reason I am not a fan of CGNAT. All they see are tons of
> connections from the same IP. This results in them banning folks. Due
> to them being hacked so many times getting them to actually communicate
> is almost impossible. My .02 is just get the gamers a true public if at
> all possible.
> Justin Wilson

What we need is business tech reporters to continually report on
these failures of content providers to deliver their services over
IPv6. 20 years lead time should be enough for any service.

Additionally is the a role for the SEC in ensuring that companies
take IPv6 seriously? If I remember correctly they got involved
with Y2K. Just because there isn't a hard date it doesn't mean
that IPv6 is any less important than Y2K to your business's survival.