Platinum accounts for the Internet (was Re: who offers cheap (personal) 1U colo?)

: > No true in many cases. All I have to prove is it's not the network and
: > then I hand it off to the windows/*nix/<whatever> sysadmins. To prove
: > it's not the network, I don't need to know the end systems in any sort of
: > detail.
: to pass the buck, one needs to know nothing. what makes a great noc
: engineer is taking ownership of the user's problem.

In smaller networks, sure. However, it's not about passing the buck in
large networks. It's about responsibilities. There, if you take
ownership of the sysadmin's part of the ticket (where there're a lot of
sysadmins for every OS), you'll likely get =them= chopped off and
hung on the wall as an example to others. I would be pissed if one of the
sysadmin folks tried to troubleshoot the backbone network instead of
handing it off to me after clearing their part of the problem...

All I need to do is clear my part and pass it to them with all helpful
data points included in the ticket. Any more than that and I'm stomping
on other folks' toes.


Is it bad, If they (your sysadmins) understand your backbone infrastructure
and understand such things, as MTU MTU discovery, knows about
ACL filters (without extra details) and existing limitations? They are not
required to know about VPN mode or T3 card configuration, but they must
understand basic things.

Else, everything ends up in a long delays and 10 person technical meetings
(by the phone, of course) - which is
the best way of wasting anyone's time.