Ping flooding

......... Paul Ferguson is rumored to have said:
] At 08:53 PM 7/11/96 -0500, Alan Hannan wrote:
] > Vadim,
] >
] >] 2) Don't Do Any Dynamic Routing Where Only One Path Exists.
] >
] > Certainly I would not agree with this rule.
] >
] > If I have a tail router that is down, I do not want to send
] > traffic to him, when he is not there to receive it. Rather, I
] > would want my intermediate router to reject it right off.
] > Furthermore, I do not want to extend nondynamic notification in my
] > network.
] Alan,
] 'Tis better to black-hole packets than to flap.

  Ahhhhh.... but I'd prefer to flap than have to track down evil
  legacy statics.... Dealing w/ flapping is much more
  intellectually stimulating :slight_smile:

  I did neglect to mention that fascist null0 static-ing at my
  egress points helps to decrease the ramifications of any flapping.