Ping a Comcast Business DNS Admin?

I'm hoping a Comcast engineer can clear something up for me:

If I recall correctly is used by Comcast Business hosting.

We have a mutual customer who has their domain NS pointed at
resolve their domain properly, but as of two weeks ago I no longer
have the option to edit the customer's zone when signing in to

Phone reps have said "we don't manage you DNS" or "NetSol is their
registrar", or even "'re right, there's something wrong, but
I don't know what's going on".

On top of all of that, Comcast told this mutual customer to update
their DNS records because they are being migrated to Office 365. But
the customer can't access it to edit it.

Feel free to contact me off-list for the domain and customer details.


I received replied from several friendly Comcast staff members and it
looks like there will be a resolution shortly.

Thanks, and sorry for the list noise.