PI vs PA Address Space

      many thanks for your fine draft. I would suggest that
you establish a clear linkage between the provision of IP
addresses and the delivery of the basic service i.e. Internet
connectivity. The assignment of PA addresses is as much a
part of delivering that service as is the commissioning of a
leased line or the setting up of a valid user account. The
addresses themselves have no intrinsic value; it is only when
combined with the other elements of the service, including the
ability to aggregate them for onward advertising, that they
have significance in providing an Internet service.

If customers insist on using PI addresses, then they can
hardly expect the same level of service, as their numbers
are at odds with the way in which the basic service is
delivered globally. If they are to be allowed to connect
with PI addresses, then they must realise that in doing so
they are penalising other (PA) users. This would imply that
they might incur some penalty in terms of price or whatever.