Physical Layer fiber Software Tools?

I am hoping someone could help me out with some suggestions for any
software that is available, for individuals that are doing physical layer
wiring in a data center?

The idea is the technician is performing the fiber runs from say RACK 111
router AAA port 1/1/1 to RACK 222 router BBB port 1/1/1

The fiber is connected to a LIU in the TOP of the rack, and then will
require various cross connects to get to the other rack. If the various
racks and LIU's are pre-populated into the software, and then a standard
for the fiber labels is also installed ahead of time into the software

The technician has a tablet or laptop to enter the data, and then it will
print out a cable label based on the info entered into the tool. The
back-end data base is updated for each fiber so the complete path is known.
This way its a one step process.

Maybe my description of this is readily available or have other companies
developed a custom software tool to achieve this?

Appreciate any feedback.

Many solutions exist. Some are targeted for different uses.

Look at for
some terminology that might help in your search.

Give this a look. It can track to the cross-connect level, then provide a one-line drawing. Application is web driven and expandable. It should be able to do what you need.

was the link attached?


You probably want to look at Patchmanager:

They usually allow you a free testdrive.

— Arien

We are trying out Patchmanager currently, we are asking them if they offer
any software to speed up the physical install for the fiber techs.