Phone networks struggle in Hurricane Katrina's wake

Wrong Paul.

- ferg

p.s. I'm doing a blog already. I also run a few networks. It's
all relative. Feel free to experiment at will! :wink:

- ferg

I'll file that comment where it belongs -- in file 13.

manners, paul

If a major catastrophe, albeit more human than network-related
(although lots of network-related issues here, too), isn't on-topic,
than I fail to see what is.

operational material maybe? nah, i'm just a confused lurker, haven't seen
any of it here for a while.

the steering committee has been discussing the idea of a nanog blog.
of course it would be directed to operational content and not your
daily pointer to some cartoon etc.

but, in the spirit of an open group, we are very interested to hear
what the community thinks of this. but please let's discuss it over
on HINT!