Phoenix Topics

Here are the talks we've scheduled so far for the Phoenix NANOG, Feb. 9-11:

                         Sunday Tutorials

   - A Methodology for Troubleshooting Interdomain IP Multicast
       Level: Intermediate/Advanced
       Bill Nickless & Caren Litvanyi, Argonne Nat'l Lab

   - BGP Techniques for Service Providers
       Level: Introductory
       Philip Smith, Cisco

   - BGP Troubleshooting with Juniper Examples
       Level: Intermediate/Advanced
       Joseph M. Soricelli, Juniper

   - IPv6 Deployment Concepts
       Level: Intermediate
       Tony Hain, Cisco

                    General Session (Monday - Tuesday)

   - Experiences with Large-scale Network Consolidation (Or, How I Spent
       My Summer Vacation)
       Dave Israel & William Charnock, Allegiance Telecom

   - BST: BGP Scalable Transport
       Van Jacobson, Cengiz Alaettinoglu, & Kedar Poduri, Packet Design

   - Internet Exchange Operator Panel
       Mike Hughes, LINX, moderator

   - Peering Evolution
       Daniel Golding, AOL Time Warner

   - SIP Operation in the Public Internet: What Makes Running It a
       Challenge and What it Takes to Deal With It
       Jiri Kuthan,

   - High Density Wireless Deployment
       Joel Jaeggli, University of Oregon

   - Large Scale Wireless Networks, UT's Case
       Philippe Hanset, University of Tennessee

   - CIDR Police - Please Pull Over and Show Us Your BGP Announcements
       Barry Greene, Cisco; Hank Nussbacher, Riverhead Networks

   - IPv4 Address Allocation and BGP Routing Table Evolution
       Cathy Wittbrodt, Packet Design

   - BGP4 Anycast for Root Name Service -- Threat or Menace?
       Suzanne Woolf, ISC; Mark Schleifer, Cogent
   - Operational Testing of DNS Resources - IPv6/DNS Symbiosis
       Bill Manning, ISI

   - The BGP TTL Security Hack (BTSH)
       Dave Meyer, Sprint

   - Lack of Priority Queuing on RPs Considered Harmful
       Vijay Gill, AOL Time Warner

   - Update on the 802.17 RPR Standard
       Andrew Brown, Cisco

                     Monday Afternoon Research Forum

   - Achieving Near-Optimal Traffic Engineering Solutions for Current
       OSPF/IS-IS Networks
       Ashwin Sridharan & Roch Guerin, University of Pennsylvania
       Christophe Diot, Sprint

                           Monday Evening BOFs
   - Peering BOF VI
       Bill Norton, Equinix, moderator

   - ISP Security BOF II
       Barry Raveendran Greene, Cisco
       Merike Kaeo,, moderators

Abstracts for most talks are on the web:

Looking forward to seeing you, and please reserve your hotel room before
Saturday, Jan. 18, when the NANOG rate expires: