A little Network Operations Contemplation (NOC :wink:

This thread applies directly to NANOG, but just as easily apply to
any number of occupations or organizations associated with a service
or occupation. (i'll keep it kinda' short)

The question is "What is the ultimate aim of NANOG"?

That is *easy* some may say, just read the charter and it says to the
effect "discuss matters related to North American Network Operations"!
Yet to provide discourse on the aim of NANOG, it is prudent to discuss
the aim or goal of Network Operations by asking the local next question:

"What is the goal or final aim of Network Operations?"

Before answering, it is simpler to ask another series of questions
and to answer them in kind as to avoid disagreement.

Q. "What is the goal or aim of a Flutist?"

A. "To play the flute."

Q. "And what is the goal or aim of a Good Flutist?"

A. "To play the flute well."


But, is playing the flute an end or an intermediate action for some other
aim or causal result?


Yes, of course, we can all see! Playing the flute well makes the flutist
happy and makes the listeners whom enjoy the harmonies of the flutist

Q. Therefore, is happiness a transitory state to another state!?


No, according to all accepted philosophy, (especially Greek, BTW)
happiness is the ultimate goal, aim, purpose of human existence.
I hope you agree! (Of course, there are many paths to happiness!)


Back to NANOG..... it is rational and prudent to state that the
ultimate goal or aim of NANOG is to provide for the happiness
of network users and by providing good services that make the
users happy; the network operators will be happy as well and
will have achieved an end if the users are happy with the service.

Hence, I remind NANOG that, discussing network operations *only*
for the sake of *network operations* has little merit. All aspects
of network operations are, in principle, to provide for the happiness
and satisfaction of the end user of the service.

The path to providing this service is not narrowly focused, however,
as *some* would like NANOG to think. Nor is the focus on promoting
the individual agenda items of NANOG causal to bringing 'bliss'
to the end user.

It may be temperate to think;

"What is he/she really saying and how does that effect the ultimate goal
of network operations, which is the happiness of the end user of these
IP networks?"

BTW, it *would* be in the best interest of all end users if all devices
(read RA) at NAPS were multihomed with on-line backups. If an organization
if funding these "experiments" I suggest that they:

(a) specify that the "experiments" are not to be used for operations; or
(b) provide proper funding to establish a reliable NAP RA architecuture.

Sounds reasonable, don't you think?