philadelphia public internet exchange?

What's the situation with the philadelphia internet exchange? Their
website, does not resolve. Google is sparse. Anyone have
any information regarding that IX? Is it gone? If it's gone, what are
some viable alternatives for public peering in the philadelphia area?

Thanks kindly

Christopher Rogers
Network Engineer - Marchex, Inc
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Historically, there hasn't been much traction beyond regional peering
in Philadelphia. Last I knew, 401 North Broad was the only building
with a useful confluence of carriers. According to, S&D
still has a colo & switch there, as does 'cross connect solutions'.
The S&D site confirms the population
( and that
the more enterprise-colo on Market street is still running as well.
For your I2/edu connbectivity, MAGPI has the bulk of their connectivity
in 401 North Board.