Phase 5 Status

This morning, we successfully completed the third of the six steps
that comprise the Phase 5 ANSNet deployment. I am pleased to report
that we now have six backbone links and ten customer attachments
running at full T3:

  Seattle - Denver Backbone Link
  Seattle - San Francisco Backbone Link
  San Francisco - Chicago Backbone Link
  San Francisco - Los Angeles Backbone Link
  Los-Angeles - Albuquerque Backbone Link
  Albuquerque - Houston Backbone Link
  ENSS128 at Palo Alto (BARRnet, Stanford University)
  ENSS130 at Argonne (Argonne National Lab, CICNet)
  ENSS135 at San Diego (CERFnet, SDSC, etc.)
  ENSS139 at Houston (Sesquinet, Rice University)
  ENSS141 at Boulder (Westnet, NCAR, U of Colorado, etc.)
  ENSS142 at Salt Lake City (WestNet, U of Utah, etc.)
  ENSS143 at Seattle (NorthWestNet, U of Washington, etc.)
  ENSS144 at Moffett Field (FIX-West)
  ENSS172 at Albuquerque (Phillips Laboratory)
  ENSS179 at Albuquerque (Sandia National Labs)

Additionally, ENSS200 provided full T3 connectivity to the
Supercomputing '93 show in Portland Oregon this past week.

The remaining steps are scheduled for December 4th, 11th and 18th,
at which point the Phase 5 Upgrade will have been completed.

4 12/04/93 E129 St. Louis Champaign ENSS and St. Louis POP
               E140 St. Louis Lincoln ENSS and St. Louis POP
               E138 Atlanta Atlanta ENSS and Atlanta POP
               ---- Greensboro Greensboro POP
               ---- Denver 2nd visit for Denver-St. Louis link upgrade
               ---- Chicago 2nd visit for Chicago-St. Louis link upgrade
               ---- Houston 2nd visit for Houston-St. Louis link upgrade
                                      and for Houston-Atlanta link upgrade

5 12/11/93 E131 Cleveland Ann Arbor ENSS and Cleveland POP
               E132 Cleveland Pittsburgh ENSS and Cleveland POP
               E137 New York Princeton ENSS and New York POP
               ---- Chicago 3rd visit for Chicago-Cleveland link upgrade

6 12/18/93 E133 Hartford Ithaca ENSS and Hartford POP
               E134 Hartford Boston ENSS and Hartford POP
               E136 Wash D.C. College Park ENSS and Wash D.C. POP
               E145 Wash D.C. FIX-East ENSS and Wash D.C. POP
               E146 Wash D.C. DARPA ENSS and Wash D.C. POP
               ---- Cleveland 2nd visit for Cleveland-Hartford link upgrade
               ---- Greensboro 2nd visit for Greensboro-D.C. link upgrade
               ---- New York 2nd visit for NY-Hartford link upgrade
                                  and for NY-D.C. link upgrade