PGP Keysigning at NANOG 41

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Hi all,

We will be engaging in our usual high-energy key-signing frenzy (which is to say, fairly low-energy and altogether too much hexadecimal) in Albuquerque.

To join in, see the detailed instructions that will appear linked from the main NANOG page in due course. Here's a brief summary:

1. Generate a key, if you don't already have one, and paste it into this handy form: <>. You can do this now.

2. Come to one or more key-signing sessions in Albuquerque, armed with a known-accurate copy of your key's fingerprint and some photo id (so others can acquire confidence in your identity). We will be signing keys during the morning and afternoon breaks on Monday, and in the morning break on Tuesday, in the Fiesta room.

3. When you acquire confidence in the authenticity of others' keys, sign them and distribute the newly-signed copy far and wide.

That's it! And people say crypto is hard.