PGP key signing at NANOG 37 meeting in San Jose


NANOG attendees who use PGP are encouraged to meet up and sign keys at the meeting next week. The time and precise location are still being confirmed with Merit and the PC, but in the mean time here's the place to paste your public keys:

Once the time/location details have been finalised I'll drop a note to the list.

I only have time to attend one meeting, due to other PC/SC meeting commitments. If there are other PGP enthusiasts who are interested in running additional meetings (so that we have more than one, which we've tried at some recent meetings with some success) then drop me a private note.


The plan is for the key signing to happen on Wednesday during the morning break in J1. More complete details can he found here:

Please try hard to get your key submitted to the NANOG keyring before Wednesday, using the biglumber URL above.



Majdi is going to run a second key signing party in the same place (room J1) during the morning break on Tuesday.

You can submit your public keys to the same URL, per above -- just make sure you paste the key the day before the key signing party you intend to be at.

Updated details will appear at <> in due course. Briefly, though, you can attend one or both meetings according to how enthusiastic you are. If you attend just one, there should be enough people attending both to give you a path to trust keys signed at the other party.

Thanks, and sorry for the continued noise. I promise to shut up about PGP, now.